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Weichai Engines

Weichai was Founded in 1946, Weichai has over 100,000 employees worldwide. With the annual revenue of more than 300 billion RMB in 2021, Weichai ranks the 86th among China's top 500 enterprises, the 31st among China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises, and the 1st among China's machinery industry top 100 enterprises.Nowadays,the Weichai Engine has widely used in many industries,especially in construction and mining industries ,Many Chinese famous heavy machinery manufacturers brand like SANY,ZOOMLION,XCMG,LiuGong,Lonking,are choose The Weichai diesel engine serials of WP4,WP6,WP9, WP10, WP12, WP13 etc.

We supply one-stop power solutions for you. Our supply chain covers all the Weichai engine models Include: bus engines (WP2.3N/ WP2.5N/ WP3N/WP4.1N/WP4.6N), Weichai Deutz 226B/WP4/ WP6/WD615/ WD618/R6160/X170ZC/CW200 series marine engines ; Construction Equipment Power WP4/WP6/WP10/ WP12/ WP3/WP7/WP9H engines; Mining Truck Power WP4.1NG/ WP9H/ WP10H/WP11/WP12/WP7NG/WP10NG etc.

Weichai Engines Product advantages

  • More reliable-high configuration, low failure rate

Global procurement, select domestic and foreign famous suppliers for parts and components, effectively improve reliability and reduce failure rate.
The 93 sand dust filter adapts to various environments such as dusty and different soil quality, extending the maintenance period of the main filter element and reducing user operating costs.
The crankshaft is made of forged steel, which has higher strength.
Integrated fuel filter to facilitate vehicle layout and maintenance.
More efficient-strong power and high efficiency
  • High speed and constant power, low speed and large torque, good acceleration.

The torque reserve rate is as high as 25%, which is more suitable for the soil quality and agronomic requirements of different regions, and the work efficiency is high.
  • More economical-accurate fuel control, low fuel consumption

Optimize supercharger, fuel injector and calibration ECU data, through flexible control of fuel injection pressure, realize multiple injections, reduce engine fuel consumption and improve combustion efficiency
  • More comfortable-low vibration and noise 

Large-flow water pump and low-speed fan effectively reduce cab noise and avoid driving fatigue.
Controlled by the electronic control system, the fuel injection pressure is more stable, the response is fast, the fluctuation is small, and the combustion noise is low.

Brief Information Of Weichai Heavy Machinery Engine Serials:

  • Brief Information Of Weichai Heavy Machinery Engine Serials

    ModelDisplacement  (L)Number of valves per cylindeRated power/speed (kW/rpm)Maximum torque/speed (N.m/rpm)Technical routeApplicable model
    WP2.3NG75E3082.3455.4/2600320/1400-1700CRaerial work platforms
    WP2.3NG75E3012.3455.4/2200320/1400-1600CR8–9T excavators
    WP2.3NG65E3012.3448/2200260/1400-1600CR8–9T excavators
    WP3.2G50E3463.17236.8/2400200/1500-1700Electronically controlled VE pumpSlide loader
    WP3.2G50E347A3.17236.8/2500175/1400-1700Electronic ally controlled VE pumpSlide loader/Forklift
    WP3.2G50E317A3.17236.8/2500165/1400-1700CRSlide loader/ Forklift/Aerial platform
    WP3.2G61E3173.17245/2500200/1400-1700CRSlide loader/Forklift
    WP3.2G50E3413.17236.8/2200200/1400-1700Electronically controlled VE pumpForklift
    WP3.2G50E3403.17236.8/2300190/1500-1700Electronically controlled VE pumpForklift
    WP3.2G50E3473.17236.8/2500200/1400-1700Electronically controlled VE pumpForklift
    WP4.1G70E3014.1252/2400260/1400-1600CR1.6T Loader
    WP4.1G85E3114.1262.5/2200320/1300-1600CR1.8T Loader
    WP4.1G140E3014.12103/2300520/1600-1800CRMulti-purpose machinery
    WP6G125E3326.75292/2200540/1400-1600CR120Ps bulldozers 3T loaders 12-26T single drum rollers
    WP6G143E3306.752105/1900720/1200-1300CR140Ps bulldozers
    WP6G175E3316.752129/2200750/1400-1600CR12-26T single drum rollers 160-165PS graders 4T loaders 16T forklift
    WP6.220E506.752162/2300850/1200-1600CR12-16T cranes
    WP6.245E506.752180/2300900/1200-1600CR16T-20T cranes
    WP7.300E517.474220/21001250/1200-1600CR+SCR25T (5 boom sections) cranes
    WP7G193E3017.474142/2000900/1400-1500CR27T excavators
    WP7G270E3017.474199/20001200/1200-1500CR30T excavators
    WP7G240E3017.474176/22001100/1400-1600CR26-30T single drum rollers 240T graders
    WP9HG300E3008.84220/20001310/1200-1600CR30T–40T Excavator
    WP9H336E508.84247/19001600/1000-1400CR55T Crane
    WP10G336E3449.74247/19001550/1100-1400CRCrawler cranes
    WP12G250E30511.5964183/18001260/1000-1300CR230Ps bulldozers
    WP12G460E30011.5964338/19002110/1000-1400CR400–500T crawler cranes
    WP12.375E5011.5964276/19001800/1000-1400CR+SCR80T truck cranes
    WP12.460E6211.5964338/19002200/1000-1400CR+DOC+DPF+Hi-SCR130T truck cranes
    WP13G440E34212.544324/21002300/1300-1500CR11T loaders
    WP13G480E31012.544353/21002100/1200-1600CR60T dumpers
    WP13.550E6212.544404/19002500/1000-1400CR+DOC+DPF+Hi-SCR180-220T truck cranes
    WP17G550E30216.724404/21002550/1200-1500CRdump trucks
    WP17G650E30216.724478/21003000/1200-1500CRdump trucks
    WP17G700E30216.724515/21003000/1200-1600CRdump trucks
    WP17G770E30216.724566/21003000/1200-1500CRdump truck, milling machine