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Leroy Somer Alternator LSA40

Leroy Somer Alternator LSA40

  • Standard

The best of performance 

Nidec Leroy-Somer LSA 40 alternator has been designed to offer you the best power generation performances. With its meticulous design and optimized architecture, the LSA 40 strikes the perfect balance between compactness, reliability, performance and longevity. 

Whatever your application, the LSA 40 will meet your needs and will adapt to all situations. 

Standards Nidec Leroy-SomerLSA 40 alternator meets all key international standards and regulations, including IEC 60034, NEMA MG 1.32-33, ISO 8528-3, CSA C22.2 n°100-14 and UL 1446 (UL 1004 on request). Also compliant with IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 61000-6-3, IEC 61000-6-4, VDE 0875G, VDE 0875N and EN 55011, group 1 class A for European zone. 

Nidec Leroy-Somer LSA 40alternatorcan be integrated in EC marked generator set, and bears EC, UKCA and CMIM markings. It is designed, manufactured and marketed in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality assurance environment. Electrical characteristics and performances 

  • Class H insulation 

  • 2/3 pitch winding, standard 12-wire (6) reconnectable 

  • Voltage range: - 50 Hz: 220V - 240V and 380V - 415V (440V) - 60 Hz: 208V - 240V and 380V - 480V 

  • High efficiency and motor starting capacity 

  • Other voltages are possible with optional adapted windings: - 50 Hz: 440V (no. 7), 500V (no. 9) - 60 Hz: 380V and 416V (no. 8), 600V (no. 9)


Protection system and options

 ● The LSA 40 is IP 23 

 ● Complete winding protection for clean environments with relative humidity ≤ 95 %, including indoor marine environments 

 ● Options: - Filters on air inlet: derating 5% - Filters on air inlet and air outlet (IP 44): derating 10% - Reinforced winding protection for harsh environments and relative humidity greater than 95% - Space heater - Thermal protection for stator windings - Shaft height: H = 180 mm (to be specified when ordering) Mechanical construction 

 ● Compact and rigid assembly to better withstand generator vibrations 

 ● Steel frame and terminal box 

 ● Aluminum flanges and shields 

 ● Two-bearing and single-bearing versions designed to be suitable for commercially-available heat engines 

 ● Half-key balancing 

 ● Greased for life bearings (20 000h) 

 ● Direction of rotation: clockwise and anti-clockwise (without derating) Terminal box design 

 ● Easy access to the voltage regulator and to the connections 

 ● 8-way terminal block for reconnecting the voltage 

 ● Predrilled holes for cable gland