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How to check the diesel engine in the daily use failure of the process

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Start up engine failure

First of all, the diesel engine start-up failure is caused by the oil supply system, diesel engine oil supply system is consist of high/low pressure pipes and pumps, pressure oil tank, oil transfer pump/pipes, injectors, etc., in the process of problem checking, when the low pressure oil tank level is reached by the the scope of the regulation, and the oil level is founded in a lower level, it is necessary to add the appropriate amount of fuel, open the exhaust plug on the filter to check the connection of the pipelines. Second, when the diesel engine fuel supply system is not stable, need to check the low pressure oil filters, pipes and so on, such as open the filters plug to check whether there is water, when there is water in it,the fuel needs to be added to meet the requirements, then test the injector pressure to make sure it is in a good condition. Finally, when the above checks are all in a good condition, you can check more with the fuel injection pump, such as the transmission gears and coupling components.

Blue, White, or Black Smoke

If there is some blue smoke coming from under the hood of your vehicle, then it can mean that your diesel engine is burning oil in a way that is not normal. This problem is common if you have older engines where the parts and components have gotten tired from excessive use.

Blue smoke results from the oil left on the cylinder wall, which is burning along with your fuel. The clearances cannot remove this oil completely, so it keeps burning when it should not. When you see blue smoke, you should do a compression check to see whether this is causing your engine failure.

White smoke that comes from the exhaust points to damaged injectors. The smoke indicates that the diesel fuel is not burning properly. The unburned diesel fuel will then go through the exhaust without being used, and the white smoke can irritate your skin and eyes.

Unlike white smoke, black smoke contains a lot of carbon exhaust particles. It is the most common smoke color that you see coming from a diesel engine failure. Black smoke indicates that there is something wrong with the combustion process.

The best way to diagnose the problem is by looking at the mixture of air and fuel flow in the cylinders. Your engine could be delivering insufficient fuel, which is causing this type of smoke.


Turbocharger Engine Failure

Turbochargers are an essential part of operating diesel engines. If you are having problems with yours, it will be obvious because you may have a hard start, engine overheating, warning lights, or a busted engine altogether. As the turbocharger continues wearing down, it will start wobbling, and this is a catastrophic engine failure.

If the turbo shakes loose while you are driving, your oil will then pass into the intake and create a puff of instant thick black smoke. The clamps, intercooler, or loose hoses could also be worn down, causing leaks that affect the volume of compressed air going into the engine.

When this happens, you will experience a significant decrease in power. Then you may need a thorough engine maintenance service.

Spruce up Your Engine Power

There is no point in having a high-powered vehicle if there is a lack of sufficient power due to engine failure. You will notice how quickly your diesel engine loses its strength at take-off and when it takes longer to gain speed.

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