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Chongqing cummins engine co., LTD (CCEC)

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Chongqing cummins engine co., LTD. High-horsepower engines technology research and development center and high-horsepower engines production line project is located in the northern new district in chongqing flat field and large cloud industrial area, the project total investment 1.398 billion yuan, covers an area of 266360 m2, the main construction contents for joint high-horsepower engines production workshop, PSBU, office building, technical center, etc., After completion, the annual output of high horsepower engine 12100.

At present, the project environmental assessment work has completed the project overview, engineering analysis, pollution prevention and control measures and other main content, according to the public participation method is now to solicit public opinion draft publicity.

I. Basic information of the construction project

Project Name: Large horsepower Engine Technology R&D Center and large horsepower engine production Line Project

Construction unit: Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., LTD

Construction Site: Block F21-1, Standard Zone F, Lijia Group, North New Area, Chongqing

Construction nature: new built

Construction scale: The total land area of the project is about 400 mu, with a total construction area of 106,619.9 m2

Production products and scale: The annual output of K19/QSK19, KV38/QSK38, KV50/QSK50(hereinafter referred to as 19L, 38L, 50L engine) and other models of engines totals 12,100 sets

Working system: There are 242 working days in a year, with 3 shifts of 8 hours per shift.

Labor quota: 1380 people.

Total project investment: 1.398 billion yuan