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Cummins Machinery Diesel Engine QSL8.9 For Construction equipment
Cummins Machinery Diesel Engine QSL8.9 For Construction equipment

Cummins Machinery Diesel Engine QSL8.9 For Construction equipment

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DCEC QSL8.9-CI Industrial engine is a 6-cylinders in line, 8.9 liter four-strokes engine with 114mm bore and 144.5mm stroke. Equipped with Electrically Control High-pressure Common Rail, engine comes with turbocharger and Air- Air Intercooler. The prime power at 2200RPM of DCEC QSL8.9-C220-III Industrial engine is 220HP.

Applications :

Cummins 6BTA5.9-C included models of QSL8.9-C220, QSL8.9-C325, QSL8.9-C340, QSL8.9-C360,the applications widely use on Construction Equipment such as Excavators, Rollers,Graders,Bulldozers, Cranes etc..

Advantages of QSL8.9L-C Machinery Engines:

1.The integrated oil and water pipeline replaces the traditional hose, eliminating the hidden danger of leakage; the enhanced cooling and lubrication function effectively prolongs the service life of the engine

2. Adopt high pressure common rail fuel system (HPCR) to ensure rapid throttle response at different speeds, better power and fuel economy, and lower noise

3. Adopting waste gas bypass turbocharger, the supercharging is smoother at low speed, and the power output is more stable at high speed

4. The engine back-end power output device (REPTO) can be used to enhance the control ability of remote equipment.

5. Good cold start performance, easy to start even in high-cold areas; strong fuel adaptability, suitable for various applications around the world

6. The electronic control system can intelligently switch the working mode according to the environment and operating conditions, and has the functions of self-diagnosis, alarm and remote monitoring

7. Mature intelligent electronic control technology improves the overall performance of the engine, and the engine specifications can be tailored according to application requirements.

Performance :


Specification details:

Cummins  QSL8.9-C Construction Engine Specifications
Engine ModelsQSL8.9-C220,QSL8.9-C325, QSL8.9-C340, QSL8.9-C360
Rated Power 160kW-264Kw/220HP
Rated Speed2100-2200RPM
Engine Type6 Cylinders, Inline
Bore*Stroke(mm) 114 mm* 145mm
Compression Ratio 17.7:1
Peak Torque 936 N.m @1500r/min
Fuel Consumption210g/KW.h
Aspiration TypeTurbocharged 
Cooling MethodWater Cooled
Start Type24V, Electric Start
Fuel System Common Rail Injection
Packing Weight738Kg
Dimension 1128mm*704mm*1166mm
Cummins diesel engine QSL8.9-C trade information
Warranty Time1 year or 1000 hours, which one comes first
Delivery PortShanghai or any China port
Leading Time15 working days
trade TermesFOB/CIF
Payement termes T/T, L/C