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Cummins Automotive ISMe11/M11 Serials Diesel Engine

Cummins Automotive ISMe11/M11 Serials Diesel Engine

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Cummins ISM11 Introduction:


As the flagship of the world-renowned Cummins product series, ISM 11 heavy-duty diesel engine that is fully electronically controlled, ranging from 345 to 440 hp, perfectly matches various types of heavy trucks, buses, special-purpose vehicles, special vehicles, construction machineries and other vehicles.

With reliable quality and superior performance of this well-known product in the world, Cummins won many partners all over the world. The B10 service life of Engine is intended up to 2 million km. No overhaul occurs within one million kilometers mileage after being verified though 450 billion km mileage.


Reliable Design and Assured Quality

With a simple and effective structure, the modular design of Cummins ISM 11 Engine effectively reduces weight and improves operational efficiency. Both the surface and the interior of cylinder are reinforced by reinforcing bars, ensuring better strength and rigidity than the competing products while maintaining the light weight.

Mid-stop cylinder liner avoids deformation and prevents from abnormal wear between the piston and the liner. Articulated piston withstands higher mechanical and thermal load, eliminating knocking at low temperature and scuffing at high temperature, Cummins Celect fuel system (low-pressure fuel line) has been designed to eliminate risks of fuel leakage.

Large amount of oil into and from the fuel injector prevents injector from stuck, And, the flowing fuel also cools down the ECM -the brain of the Engine,extending the service life of ECM.

By unique combination of viscosity sensor, pressure regulator and relief valve, the lubrication system automatically regulates the engine oil pressure, ensuring lubrication effects in all seasons.

The package design of engine oil thermostat, radiator and bypass valve guarantees an optimal working condition for the Engine and effectively prolongs the oil change interval. 4-step pressure regulator for turbocharging system can improve response speed to prevent overheart, overspeed and abnormal wear  

Specification details:

Cummins ISMe11 Automotive  Engine Specifications
Engine ModelISMe308,ISMe335,ISMe340,ISMe345,ISMe360,ISMe380, ISMe385, ISMe420, ISMe440,ISMe405
Rated Power 226kW/308HP-298kW/405HP
Rated Speed1900RPM
Engine Type 6 Cylinders, Inline
Bore*Stroke(mm) 125mm * 147mm
Displacement 10.8 L
Compression Ratio 16.2:1
Peak Torque 1450N.m @ 1200 rpm- 2000 N.m @ 1200 rpm
Aspiration TypeTurbocharged 
Cooling MethodIntercooled
Start Type24V, Electric Start
Fuel SystemDirect Injection Pump
Packing Weight 940 Kg
Dimension 1335mm*825mm*1159mm
Cummins diesel engine ISMe308 trade information
Warranty Time1 year or 1000 hours, which one comes first
Delivery PortShanghai or any China port
Leading TimeNegotiation
trade TermesFOB/CIF/C&F/DDP
Payement termes T/T, L/C

Cummins ISM11 Engine for vehicles