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Cummins Automotive Diesel Engine EQB Serials
Cummins Automotive Diesel Engine EQB Serials

Cummins Automotive Diesel Engine EQB Serials

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DCEC EQB serials automotive engine is a 4-cylinders in line, 3.9 liter four-strokes engine with 102mm bore and 120mm stroke, equipped with Bosch pump. DCEC EQB automotive engine comes with turbocharger and Air- Air intercooler, with a EURO II post-processor. The prime power from 2500 RPM to 2800RPM and 125HP to 235HP.

Applications :

Cummins DCEC EQB serials automotive engine included models of EQB125-20, EQB140-20,EQB160-20A,EQB160-20B,EQB160-20C,EQB170-21,EQB180-20A,EQB180-20B,EQB190-20,EQB190-21,EQB210-20A,EQB210-20B, EQB235-20,the applications widely use on Trucks, Buses, Vans, Commercial vehicles etc..

Advantages of EQB Serials Machinery Engines:

1.Lower fuel consumption: Originated from the United States CMS advanced design and superior manufacture, lower 20% oil consumption than congeneric Chinese products.

2.Strong power, the design of exhaust bypass valve makes low speed performance more perfect and better dynamic performance.

3.Excellent reliability, Cylinder block and head using integrated design, to stop the engine leaking and oil leakage phenomenon, engine parts are Less 40% than other similar engine, greatly reduce the failure rate.

4.Lower maintenance and repair costs, Fewer parts quantity and lower use fault Make the engine comprehensive maintenance cost greatly reduced and maintenance time than similar type save 50%.

5.Excellent cold start performance, equipped with air suction electric preheater and 6.6 kw power starter, Completely improve the cold start performance of the engine. Through the arctic village-MoHe of China-36。C extreme low temperature validation.

Specification details:

Cummins EQB Serial Automotive Engine Specifications:
Engine ModelsEQB125-20, EQB140-20, EQB160-20A, EQB160-20B, EQB160-20C, EQB170-21,
EQB180-20A,EQB180-20B,EQB190-20,EQB190-21,EQB210-20A,EQB210-20B, EQB235-20
Rated Power92 kW-173kW/125HP-235HP
Rated Speed2500RPM-2800RPM
Engine Type4 Cylinders, Inline
Bore*Stroke(mm) 102*120mm
Displacement 3.9 L
Compression Ratio 18 : 1
Peak Torque 410 N.m @ 1500 rpm - 800 N.m @ 1600 rpm
Fuel Consumption 20.8L/hr
Aspiration TypeTurbocharged 
Cooling MethodIntercooled
Start Type24V, Electric Start
Fuel System Wuxi Weifu Pump
Packing Weight 2073Kg
Cummins EQB Serial Automotive Engine trade information:
Warranty Time1 year or 1000 hours, which one comes first
Delivery PortShanghai or any China port
Leading TimeNegotiation
trade TermesFOB/CIF/C&F/DDP
Payement termes T/T, L/C