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Intake Valve Kits 4995554

Intake Valve Kits 4995554

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Description:Intake Valve Kits 4995554

Part Number:4995554

Engine Models:4BT3.9,4BTA3.9-C, 4BTA3.9-G, 4BT3.9-GM, 4BT3.9-M,G111, QSB3.9 30 CM550, QSB3.9 CM2880 B138, QSB4.5 30 CM550, QSB4.5 CM2150 B108, QSB4.5 CM2250 B131, QSB4.5 CM2250 EC, QSB4.5 CM2350 B106, QSB4.5 CM2350 B122, QSB4.5 CM2350 B144, QSB4.5 CM850, QSB5.9 30 CM550, QSB5.9 44 CM550, QSB5.9 CM2880 B115, QSB5.9 CM2880 B139, QSB5.9 CM850, QSB6.7 CM2150 B109, QSB6.7 CM2250

Original:Genuine parts from Cummins CCEC,DCEC,XCEC


We provide full range Cummins genuine spare parts ,we guarantee all the parts are from the original Cummins manufacturer distributions,also if the customer require,we can provide the quality OEM parts too.